About me

I’m a Communications Manager with a love for education and fun coloured hair. Born and raised in Lincoln, I studied my undergrad at Anglia Ruskin University and my postgrad at University of West London, with diplomas and short courses scattered between the two.

I’m a fan of anything Marvel and if you talk about the universe with me we will be friends forever. I love taking photos (not all that well) and I’m intrigued by the idea of astrophotography. Science fascinates me and I don’t care all that much for religion, but I don’t mind if you do.

I’d do anything for my friends and family, and although I don’t actually hide it that much, it may surprise you to learn that I still haven’t grown out of my emo-teenage-indie-phase. I like winning but I like people more (that’s a little bit of my red-blue SDI for anyone who knows what I’m talking about, and no, it’s not a sexually transmitted disease, look it up).

I’m taking a sabbatical year from my current job at the University of West London Students’ Union (thankyou!) and I’m travelling the world with my weird and wonderful husband, Alex.

We’ve saved for this trip for four years and have decided to blog about the adventure whether you want to read about it or not. However, we decided on separate blogs because, as we’re both communications managers, we’ve developed our own styles over the past ten years. You can find Alex’s blog at storyeveryday.co.uk. His will be more optimistic and more about what we’re actually doing. I will be enjoying myself and loving every minute but I find more enjoyment in writing about ridiculous things, or things that annoy me. Choose wisely.