Avocado toast

Maybe it’s OK to buy avocado toast

Maybe it’s OK to buy avocado toast

And never own a house.

Maybe it’s OK to love our planet,

And reduce our plastic use.

Maybe it’s OK to never marry,

And have kids who make everything dirty.

Maybe it’s OK to move from job to job,

Or take time to travel when you’re 30.

Maybe it’s OK to adapt a language,

And use it in a modern way.

Maybe it’s OK to challenge status quo,

And fight for equality of pay.

Maybe it’s OK to be a snowflake,

And celebrate individuality.

Maybe it’s OK to dismiss religion,

And accept our own mortality.

Maybe it’s OK to rely on technology,

And accept that things are different.

Maybe it’s OK for younger people to vote,

And respect that they have a preference.


Maybe it’s OK to be different from most of the generation before.

Maybe we overthink things.


And no, I didn’t buy the avocado toast in the header image at a swanky, hipster cafe. That is homemade. Don’t get me wrong, I paid for the avocado (and the eggs and bread).

But I have bought avocado toast a few times over the last four years, when I went out for brunch with my friends. Still managed to save £48,000 with my partner, to get married and then travel the world for a year. It’s not because I’m great at saving (I’m really not) it’s because I have a string of privilege providing me with opportunities that I took and worked hard on. 

The problem isn’t avocado toast. It’s inequality and a whole bunch of really nitty gritty things that don’t make for great headlines.

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