Dunes in Huacachina

Peru in pictures: my favourites

Stars on the Inca Trail

Stars on the Inca trail

The Inca Trail is one of the most beautiful things I have done. The scenery is incredible all the way along and the challenge doesn’t disappoint. However, I’ve opted for a picture of the stars, mainly because it was one of the first starry pictures I took on travels, but also because this is what you were rewarded with after a hard day hiking.

Machu Picchu from a new angle

Machu Picchu

Photos of Machu Picchu can be found everywhere but I could hardly collate my ten favourite photos of Peru and leave it out. It is a sight that has only been matched two or three times on our year travel across twenty counties. I’ve heard people being told it’s too hyped up and too touristy – while that might be true to an extent it’s for good reason. It’s amazing.

Yellow bug in Arequipa


Arequipa is a very white city so I love that this picture shows it’s colourful side. The beetle gives the impression that you have gone back in time, which is sort-of how you feel across Peru.

Condor at the Colca Canyon


Getting up early to see these huge birds in flight was a real highlight of our trip in Peru. I was lucky enough to capture a few shots and this is my favourite. Wildlife hunting in Peru was fabulous – there is so much to see, and so much of it that can’t be seen anywhere else.

Sand dunes in Huacachina

Dunes in Huacachina

I never thought that a desert oasis would be found in Peru but here we are. Sandboarding was one of the big hobbies in Huacachina but climbing back up was a lot harder than it looked.

Finding direction in Lima


Venturing out into Lima’s central district is not for the faint hearted but this picture shows just how beautiful it can be. This was our first destination on travel and taking public transport away from the touristy areas was one of my first big challenges.

Blue in Iquitos


Where we’re going we don’t need roads – Iquitos is a city in the amazon only accessible by plane or boat. The colour and sound can be an abuse to the senses and this was our first experience of tuk-tuks. This picture sums up my view of Iquitos, in blue.

Flight over Nazca

Nazca lines

While I do have pictures of the Nazca lines, I selected this as one of my favourites because it reminds me of just how vast Peru can feel with rainforest in the north and desert in the south. If you look for long enough you can see some of the geometric shapes that form part of the Nazca lines.

Colourful Llama


You can’t have a collection of photos in Peru without having one of a Llama. This one has been fabulously styled by Ccaccaccollo Community and Women’s Weaving Co-op – a small community in the mountains of Peru that weave products for tourists and locals to sustain their traditional way of living.

Materials in San Pedro Market, Cusco

Materials in Peru

Other than ancient ruins, Peru, for me, was a vibrant and colourful country. Everywhere you turned women were in colourful, traditional dress and the fabrics could be found all over the country.

Click any of the photos to go straight to my Peru album on Flickr.

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