Tuk tuk in Bangkok

An ode to the Bangkok tuk-tuk driver

A fun way to travel!

This shed on a bike,

It makes for great photos,

We’ll go where we like!

The locals all use them,

They must be alright,

But we Google the scams,

And we’re up half the night.


It gets kind of taxing,

This dance on the street,

Fending off your advances,

Incessant beep-beep,

Tuk-tuk! Tuk-tuk!

Good price, very cheap!

Not today thanks,

Yet you don’t seem to leave.


Your job can’t be easy,

But why the low blow?

It’s well known you lie,

But we already know,

The tourist attraction,

Where we wish to go,

Is in fact open,

Yet you still tell us no.


It’s too far to walk,

We finally decide,

We have only one option,

We stop, hail a ride,

This guy seems friendly,

But the fear builds inside,

We’ve researched the cost,

Yet he’s doubled the price.


Persistence is key;

For this kind of guy,

To trick every day,

The farang passer-by,

We’re not here to buy gems,

We don’t want a tie,

How can this work?

Yet he gives it a try.


Fuck it! We’re done,

We’ll pay what you ask,

At least we’re sat down,

I hope he drives past

His best mate’s suit shop,

Where they tailor clothes fast,

We start to get nervous,

Yet this guy just laughs.


It’s all part of the fun,

It makes Thailand Thai,

It does test your calm,

But we all have to try,

The test of the tourist,

The tuk-tuk outcry,

You can try to avoid them,

Yet they’re always nearby.

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