When you stick to a plan you can achieve anything

Stop putting it off: it is possible (even if you’re lazy)

“You can achieve anything”. “You can be whatever you want to be”. These are often phrases that we tell children and young adults, but somewhere along the line we stop believing that to be true for ourselves.

When I was about 27 (still young, yes I realise that now) I had a steady life: good job, good friends, enjoyed where I lived and I’d just met Alex. This is a goal for most people and I was happy to have it, but I’ve always had bigger dreams to travel and explore, I just figured that at this point in my life I’d missed too many opportunities (gap yah). I told myself I had no money and no time. I would not save money because I wanted to ‘live like there was no tomorrow’ and I believed that the key to being ‘awesome’ was to say yes to everything. Wow, how wrong was I!

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